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When looking at starting a coffee business its best to get it right the first time.


 Things to think about

  1. 1. What size machine should I get?
  2. 2. Should it be second hand or new?
  3. 3. What type of coffee should I get
  4. 4. How will I get the training needed?
  5. 5. What pricing should I apply?
  6. This is just 5 points to look at, there are many more.



Professional development and training

         Things to think about

  • 1. What type of training is best for us? In house or off site?
  • 2. Will my coffee supplier give us ongoing training?
  • 3. What support can I get from my Coffee supplier?
  • 4. How much coffee and coffee supplies do I need to get started?
  • 5. Do I need a Food Safety Supervisors certificate?



Equipment Needs


         Things to think about

  • 1. Should I finance or pay out right for equipment?
  • 2. What equipment do I need straight away?
  • 3. Who will service my equipment?
  • 4. When the business grows how can I get a bigger coffee machine?
  • 5. I've heard about FREE on Loan Equipment - How does this work?
  • There are lots to think about before starting and this is just a few.


What to look for in a Coffee Supplier

What to look for in a Coffee Supplier


  • A new coffee supplier who can
  • Assist in growing sales
  • Have  different coffee blends
  • Has a training product that upskills all staff when needed
  • That sells and services machines, grinders
  • Can deliver weekly fresh roasted beans
  • Can supply hot chocolate, syrups, cups and lids
  • Can assist with merchandising
  • Can give them access to new products like cold brew, nitro coffee and even coffee beer
  • Has a help desk, and can order online, by phone or email
  • If they tick ALL the boxes you have a Great Coffee supplier

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